Only Free Working Instagram Bot I’ve found.

My Review:

Lately I have been looking all over the internet looking for a working free Instagram Bot. I have had no luck finding a free one. The ones I have found are pay only or for windows, which is also a problem since I am on a Mac. 
Doing some looking though I did find a website called,

Which I did try for myself and it as proved to work quite well. I have not bought the extra service since it comes with 3 free hours but right now I don’t see a need to unless you need many followers quickly.
With this service you get a FREE 3 hours and as many followers and likes as you can get within the amount of time. After that there is a fee to continue. I tried it for the 3 hours and gained about 50 followers and received about 500 likes. After the 3 Hours was done I continued to get likes and followers just not as frequently. 

Give it a try!
If you have other legit services like this, post them in the comment section. As long as they are not fake bots or services that require you to take surveys and so on, then the comment will be deleted. Enjoy.

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