Many users that updated their iDevices to iOS 7 are facing a number of issues. A main issue is they are unable to connect to Wifi.


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The hardware glitch that seems to be happening to many users is they cannot turn on their wifi, and if they can then they can’t connect. When you go into your Settings-General-About the Wi-Fi Address says N/A (see the picture). Steps you should try to fix this are:

  • Make sure Airplane Mode is off. By going Settings-Airplane Mode.
  • Reset your network settings by going to Settings-General-Reset-Reset Network Settings
  • Reboot your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch by holding the power button and home button until the screen goes black and then press the power button and the Apple logo will appear. This is a hard reset for your iDevice.
  • Backup and Restore your iDevice. If your iTunes says you are unable to restore because “There was a problem downloading the software for your iPhone and the resources could not be found” even though you have the latest update. You can plug your phone into any other iTunes and restore your phone without backup. Then plug the iDevice back into your iTunes and select your latest backup to restore your information on your iDevice.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will get your wifi back up and working!


iOS 7 Wifi Problem