How to hack Clash of Clans on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. This hack needs a Jailbroken device for it to work.

Free way to get Free iTunes cards for gems (not too time consuming).

  • Download the app

  • Enter Code 6QNCMG

  • Agree to terms and conditions

  • Download free apps inside the app. Share with friends. Get points fast by sharing with friends and downloading free apps and deleting them after getting points. Once you have enough points then buy iTunes card and buy gems in Clash of Clans. Enjoy


BACK UP YOUR FILES. INCASE IT DOES NOT WORK. Clash of Clans updates their game more than most, so there is always problems with hacks because they are always adjusting their game to prevent them.

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  1. Install and play Clash of Clans
  2. Logout of game center
  3. Exit game and close from multitask
  4. Download hacked file Limelinx Download
  5. Install file with iFile or file browsing app of choice
  6. Click on it using iFile and choose “Installer”
  7. Respring and Reboot your device.
  8. Open Game and Enjoy the Hack
  9. Comment if you have any issues or concerns with this tutorial. Also share with your friends! Enjoy. Lots of other tutorials on my blog. Comment requests for other games in the comments too! Follow my blog for tons of hacks.

**Notes: Sandbox attack gives you unlimited chances to simulate attacks when you visit a village. Disable the auto searching when using this Hack. Keeps you Alive lets you always stay connected to the game, you will still be able to be attacked even if the Game is not running. But Server disconnects you though if you are online-inactive for a long period of time.

**Made with 5.2.2

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