Antminer S9 ASIC Bitcoin Miner Review

Bitmain Antiminer S9

The Bitmain Antminer S9 ASIC Bitcoin Miner utilizes ASIC technology to mine SHA-256 coins such as Bitcoin. ASIC miners have many benefits over Graphics Cards or Central Processing Units because they are just designed for one very specific task. The Bitmain Antiminer S9 is one of the top ASIC miners on the market for consumer grade mining equipment.

With your Bitmain miner you can join a mining pool. This allows you to join a group of miners to combine your computer brown to win the next block. By combining your hash rates you can have a higher chance of completing the block as a pool. The largest mining pools are AntPool, BTCC Pool, F2Pool, and Poolin to name a few. Beware: Mining Pools typically have a fee to join so make sure to account for this in your profit calculations. PPS fees for the pool range from 1-2.5%. Bitcoin needs its mining community to continue to validate transactions on the blockchain. Bitcoins proof of work protocol is solved by miners who are working together to solve a mathematical algorithm that wins each block in the blockchain. The competition in mining keeps the chain secure and is too challenging for any one miner to solve at one single time.

The Antiminer S9 has 189 chips and a has rate of 13.5 TH/s. Your S9 Miner will need a Power Supply Unit. You need 1323 Watts +/- 10% to run this S9 Miner and should prepare for scaling your mining rig with additional miners in the future. If you have a 15 amp circuits in your house (Check your breaker) you can run a single S9 Miner off one 220v circuit. If you have a 20 amp slot available you will be able to run two S9 miners off a that circuit. If you are going to be running 2+, I would recommend contracting a electrician to assess your circuit to determine how to setup a larger scale mining rig. Keep in mind, each mining unit will product about 190-210 CFM of hot air and approxmietly 60 db of noise. I would recommend creating your ASIC mining rig in an area or building that would not be effected by the heat or noise.

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